Two stunningly creative individuals. 

Best Friends, cousins, and fashion designers of OGlifestyle Clothing Co.

She teaches me much, especially the magic of putting dried dates in just about anything to make it spectacular. 

This women loves her popcorn, her garden and people. She embodies a servant leader and is annoyingly talented at many things; most of all recipes and good chats. I am honored to call this incredible human my second mother. 

Morning Sunshine

Claire - Queen of Summer 

Soda pop and cloud shades ☀️ #vsco #vscocam #minneapolis

Rebecca, our token Belgian. An adventurer who decided to embark on a journey around America by herself for three months. It just so happened that Lauren would be working at Starbucks when Rebecca strolled in wide eyed and thrilled to be trying the American obsession. An instant connection occurred, and since the coffee shop encounter Rebecca has integrated into our family bringing a breath of wonder and excitement about life to us all. Our acquired third roommate, a lovely one at that complete with thick skin and the tenderest of hearts.